Monday, May 17, 2010

Powerful Successes and epic failures!

had a GREAT run on Saturday- but got SO mad when my stupid Nike+ logged it incorrectly. I wanted to throw it away- but I think it isn't reading it right on long runs because the pouch holding my sensor is too big and it joggles around. Anyway- it logged just under 3 miles run in an hour at a 20mm pace (this is the epic fail!). UH- no it was a lot better than that...

I ran OVER 5 miles (I know this for sure, I mapped it but not quite sure how far over 5 it was- not quite 5.5ish. I did a 5 min warm up walk and then I RAN FOR 30 MIN straight!! first time ever! then I took a 1-2 min walk break and ran 15-20 more, then another break, etc. I felt so awesome! That means my pace was a 12mm or better! And based on previous run info- I burned at least 850 calories on that run- I was so proud after it.

I have a 45 min run scheduled today (training really picks up for my Utah race these next 4 weeks)- it's raining here- so should be interesting! But I'll be outside regardless!

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