Sunday, May 9, 2010

The challenge abroad

It isn't international travel- it's only 7 hours by car, and an hour by plane.  But why is it that the places we call "home", when we don't reside there anymore, are much more difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan?

When it comes to Latrobe, PA- I can name several reasons: Dino's wings, Gino's Pizza, Jioio's Pizza, Rizzo's, Sharky's potato skins, PRIMANTI'S- and then the chain staples only found near the Eastern US like Sheetz, Eat N Park, Valley Dairy. I won't even get started on the beer. Western PA people love their food- probably because many communities are deeply engrained in rich ethnicity- Polish, Italian, German, etc. And we all know that rich, ethnic foods are just so good.

Don in Pixburg, yins like some food. (non-Pittsburghese translation? These people like to eat!)

I only make it here to visit my family 2, maybe 3 times a year- and usually only for 3 or 4 days. I try to limit it to 2 of those choice locations so that the rest of the time I can eat healthier and at my mom's house to limit the damage. Or- I try to mix good with "bad" to even out a meal. Today at lunch (Eat N Park) I had a garden burger and french fries- I like their french fries - which is why I ordered them- BUT- funny thing was- they brough my mom's salad which looked so good- I wish I had got that instead of the fries. I mean, come on, I can get some kind of fries almost anywhere. This trip to PA- my goal is to have some pizza at Gino's- I can bypass the rest this time.

The rest of my plan starts with sticking to my running/training schedule- I've already worked it out with my mom of how/when I will run in the mornings on Monday and Wednesday before she leaves for work- and Tuesday I can go for a walk with my girls in the double stroller. Tuesday is a non-training day- so it will be a long slow walk (weather permitting- it is FREEZING here right now- in MAY)

Today- Sunday (and Mother's Day) is a rest day on my schedule; thank goodness! After my race yesterday, I busted butt to pack and load the van and then drove my girls and I to PA - 6.5 hours with 2 quick stops and my body was sore. After a race, I usually try to keep moving and stretching for awhile- but it wasn't possible this time - my poor back! :)

Back to my original thought- it is a challenge to stay on my plan while traveling, but even with a few big blips- I'm doing ok. Keep moving and eat in moderation- and I'll stay on track. Just keep swimming, right? :)

How do you keep yourself motivated while traveling - for work or on vacation?

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